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Want to make serious cash investing in distressed real estate? Investing in tax deed sales and tax lien sales provide remarkable money-making opportunities. And they do so with less competition and risk when compared to other market niches such as foreclosures and short sales, among others. helps you locate these deals, as well as provides all the helpful information about these wealth-building property investment targets that you need to be successful.

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Our goal is to provide valuable information and services to individuals and firms involved in the investment of tax sale property.

If you are new to the tax sale real estate industry, we welcome you. We have provided several resources to help you make well informed decisions when it comes to investing in tax liens or tax deeds at auction.

Tax sales, and more specifically tax deed sales, are not as complicated as you may first believe. Tax sale certificates can provide steady returns when managed properly. Contrary to most claims by Internet and infomercial gurus, you should never expect a 100%, 60% or even 35% return on investment. A successful tax certificate sale investment may provide a lucrative return but expect your overall portfolio to reflect much more modest returns in the long run.

Tax deed properties can also prove to be quite a profitable investment. With the capability of purchasing homes for as little as the tax owed there is no wonder why investors are turning to tax deeds. Tax sales will always provide safe and lucrative investment opportunities for real estate investors. Tax sales give real estate investors the assurance that their money - the money they intially put down - will see a return.

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So you are interested in investing in real estate and thinking about purchasing a tax defaulted property at a government tax sale? Well, here's the deal. What you need to know is the difference between a tax deed sale and a tax lien sale. Once you have an idea about the types of government tax sales, you'll be on your way to making a smart high-return investment.

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Knowledge is key in understanding the profit potential of tax lien sales. Search for the most up-to-date tax lien properties in your area today. Click on the map above to start now. is not affiliated with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

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